From School to Old School Malting

“Beer is Proof that God Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy” -Benjamin Franklin

Before After

OUR STORY CNC Malt started from the passion for beer and the desire to create something unique that represents the true flavor of state of Pennsylvania.


“Instead of opening a local craft brewery, WHAT IF we start a craft malthouse? Then we could collaborate with all the local craft breweries and distilleries to create unique and truly local flavors to this world!”

And just like that in 201 5 a Custom 'N Craft Malthouse (CNC Malt) started in Butler County Pennsylvania.

Next step was to build or find a location, talk to Farmers and learn as much as possible about malting.

THE MALTHOUSE The Malthouse is essentially the handshake between FARMERS and BREWERS/DISTILLERS

The malthouse is the keystone of the quality supply chain, connecting the local farmers to the brewers and distillers, ensuring local quality grain is available and malted to specification.

Malthouse Location

Trying to build a Facility for malting was not an easy task. So, when Butler County announced school consolidation, and the Clearfield Elementary School became available, it was a perfect fit. The 30,000 sq. ft. building had two water wells, 3 phase electric, a 4th gas main and plenty of space for traditional floor malting.

Location, Location, Location

On top of being set with all the utilities needed to malt on a large scale, the facility is located on 11 acres in the middle of a farming community, with barley fields right across the road.

It’s been said that MALT is the SOUL of BEER, and for a good reason because without malt, there would not be BEER and that’s why we are HERE

Old School Transformation Into Malthouse

Since the acquisition in 2016, the former Clearfield Township Elementary School has been going through a lot of transformation over the last couple of years, in what today is a craft malt house with a lot if the previous classrooms redone for floor-malting, the former teacher lounge transformed into a state of the art lab, and the gym the place for kilning the malt and the home for our biomass furnace.


Brendan Carroll

Founder / Owner / Maltster

The heart and soul of CNC Malt, Founder, maltster, Penn State Chemical Engineer graduate, lover of all things craft beer and the driving force behind local malting barley supply chain, and malting operations.

After 10+ years in the energy sector, Brendan decided to follow his passion for craft beer and founded CNC Malt in 2015.


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