Locally Grown, Traditionally Floor Malted, and Custom Crafted

“When the water of a place is bad it is safest to drink none that has not been filtered through either the betty of a grape, or else a tub of malt.
These are the most reliable filters yet invented” -Samuel Butler

MALT It's been said that MALT is the SOUL of BEER, and for a good reason, because without malt, there would not be BEER!

CNC Malt offers a variety of custom and craft malts, all made from locally grown grain varieties, traditionally Floor malted in small batches to meet the customer's needs.

Our grains are sourced locally to ensure the terroir of the region is brought forward in the craft beer and the craft spirits.

Our goal is to continue developing the local supply chain that connects us to the local agriculture, customers and ultimately the consumers. Supporting each other helps us grow sustainable locally adapted grain varieties with distinct flavor that translates in the Final craft beverage that we can all enjoy.


These are the basic malts, most can be used at 100% of the grain bill They are floor-malted to ensure unique and complex flavor, rich enzymes, and made using local sourced grains.

  • Distillers-Malt-1-circle

    Distillers Malt

    High diastatic power malt, tailored to maximize the available enzymatic potential. Use as the name suggests - best application for this malt is in distillates.

  • Pilsner-Malt-circle

    Pilsner Malt

    Floor-malted base malt, rich in enzymes and high extract value. Can be used at 100% of the grain bill, or together with other malts. Perfect base malt for all kinds of beers.

  • Pale-ALe-Malt-circle

    Pale Ale Malt

    Floor-malted base malt, well to highly modified produces specifically for use in English-style pale ales. This malts have a malty flavor and notes of bread toast.

  • American-Pale-Ale-1-circle

    American Ale Malt

    Floor-malted base malt, with a deeper malt flavor compared to a Pilsner malt, typically refered to as 2-row. Fantastic base malt that can be used for all beer styles.

  • Vienna-Malt-scaled-circle

    Vienna Malt

    Floor-malted and carefully crafted with sufficient enzymatic power to covert up to 100% of the grist, this malt imparts a rich color to beer. Slightly toasty, nutty flavors, make this Vienna malt a great choice for Marzen beer.


A great addition to the craft brew or craft spirits, the specialty malts have been designed to add flavor, color and sweetness. Most of them are made to order to preserve the full flavor profile.

  • Light-Munich-Malt-scaled-circle

    Light Munich Malt

    Floor-malted "Munich" style malt with a lower enzymatic potential but still still sufficient to convert a mash when used at 100% grain bill, this malt brings flavor and character to the beer. Best Use: for Marzens and Oktoberfest or Maybocks

  • Dark-Munich-Malt-circle

    Dark Munich Malt

    Floor-malted specialty malt with lower enzymatic potential that packs a lot of nutty, toasty, coffee flavor. An excellent option for Oktoberfest, Maybock and Porter recipes

  • Crystal-Malt-scaled-circle

    Crystal Malt

    Usually made to order to preserve full flavor profile these crystal malts are available in a wide range of caramelization from light to dark crystals: 20L to 100L

  • Biscuit-Malt-circle

    Biscuit Malt

    A specialty malt that lacks enzymatic potential but packs a lot of flavor that translates in the final craft brew or baked goods - bread crust, nutty and toasted biscuit flavors.

  • Smoked-Malt-scaled-circle

    Smoked Malt

    Floor-malted specialty malt, smoked to order. Apple-wood, pear, cherry or other smoke flavor available.


Other malted grains are available to help you create a wider range of craft beers and or craft spirits with a unique texture and flavor.

  • Malted-Rye-circle

    Pennsylvania Malted Rye

    A great addition to the craft brews, this floor-malted Pennsylvania Rye Malt has a spicy flavor that translates and develops complexity in many beer styles, from medium lagers to dark ales.

  • Malted-Wheat-scaled-circle

    Pennsylvania Malted Wheat

    Made using Pennsylvania grown red wheat this floor-malted wheat malt is a great addition to the craft brew to promote foam formation and retention and used in a variety of beer styles like Weizen and Berliner Weiss.

  • Raw-Corn-Product-scaled-circle

    Bloody Butcher Malted Corn

    Various variety of malted corn available, you can use them in beer, but that's a little corny..

  • Malted-Oats-circle

    Malted Oats

    Floor-malted Pennsylvania Oats have a rich granola flavor and can be added to various beer styles to impart a creamy, velvety smooth mouthfeel. Great addition to Hazy IPAs.



All our malts are available in both whole kernel or milled to customer specification.

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Custom Malting

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