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Locally Sourced Grains, to ensure terroir of the region in the craft beverage



Locally Sourced Our grains are sourced locally to ensure the terroir of the region is brought forward in the craft beer and the craft spirits

All our grains are sourced as close as 3 miles from the malthouse and no further than 250 miles radius. We developed strong relationship with Pennsylvania and Ohio farmers to source quality local grains that we floor malt to produce fresh, quality craft malt.

Our goal is to continue developing the local supply chain that connects us to the local agriculture, customers and ultimately the consumers. Supporting each other helps us grow sustainable locally adapted grain varieties with distinct flavor that translates in the Final craft beverage that we can all enjoy.



At CNC Malt we recognize and believe that supporting the local farmers and paying a premium for locally sourced grains, help us grow sustainable, locally adapted grain varieties with distinct flavor, that translates in the final craft beverage that we can all enjoy.



At CNC Malt we provide Custom and Craft malt with a story for all brewers to share with their consumers – the story of where the ingredients came from and traceability to the farm and the land where it was grown.

CNC Malting Company


Quality Testing for raw materials is key in ensuring high malting quality raw materials.

In addition to our state-of-the-art lab that can support in-house testing, we partner up also with Hartwich College to ensure full analysis regarding germination, moisture, protein content, disease free and low DON content

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      Malting Barley

      Malting barley varies greatly from feed barley and must meet strict quality criteria to be acceptable for malt production.

      While malting barley is grown on a large scale in Western United States, locally adapted varieties have been identified and grown successfully in Pennsylvania to support the growing demand for locally sourced ingredients in the craft beverage industry.

      Pennsylvania 2-Row Barley

      Some of the Western Pennsylvania 2-row Winter Barley Varieties that have been successfully grown and malted so far are: Scala, Tepee and Wintmalt.

      We continue to test and trial new varieties and work with Penn State Extension and Hartwich College to identify the best varieties for the local climate, fungicide resistance and malting quality.

      For an overview of malting barley that include regional challenges, quality issues and best practices, please review Malting Barley in Pennsylvania by Penn State Extension.

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