Our Traditional Malting Process

Bringing Old School Tradition into the Modern Malting Process

What is malt?
The Soul of Beer

While Hops are the sexy ingredient and get all the attention because they are the spice, the pixie dust that give beer the personality, Malt is truly the soul of beer, the primary source of fermentable sugars used to create alcohol, the backbone that contributes color, flavor, mouthfeel and aromas.

What is CRAFT malt?
The Soul of Craft Beer

Craft Malt is a finished malt, made in smaller quantities, produced from a variety of locally grown grains, crafted with special attention to details and flavor, and custom dial in to meet the growing demand of the craft beverage industry.
Small Batch / Big Flavor / Terroir / Customized to Customer Specification

See our Malting Process in progress, behind the doors of the former Clearfield Elementary School

See our Malting Process in progress, behind the doors of the former Clearfield Elementary School

Our Malting Process

Applying Traditional Methods and advance them through innovative process technology to provide high quality, flavorful craft malt to our customers

Traditional Malt has been produced by hand, germinated on the floor, and gently turned with a rake and shovel few times a day to ensure even germination and aeration of the grain bed.

At CNC Malt we continue applying traditional methods and work to advance them through the incorporation of technical advancements to produce high quality, flavorful craft malt for our customers. Our 30,000 ft facility offers us ample space in which we can continue this tradition, while our flexible size batches allow us to offer fully customized maltings not typically available to smaller craft brewers.

Our custom malting services are specifically design for those who want to experiment with new grain varieties and develop new flavors to showcase in the final craft brew. Interested to learn more about custom malting services?

Interested in our Craft Malts?

OUR production PROCESS

LAB TESTING & Quality Control

Quality control and testing is essential in delivering consistent, flavour and products to our customer.

The former teacher lounge has now been transformed into an advance malt quality control laboratory, equipped with for grain testing, malt QC, and sensory evaluation.

Third party lab testing, to ensure quality and consistency of the raw materials and finished product is performed by Hartwich College.